The air is cool this morning.

Seasons beginning to change. Time of transition.

So too in my life.

I am grateful for those who have journeyed with me,

Teachers all, whom I dare to call friends.

Ministering at Struther’s

Seeing ups and downs

Listening to wise fathers, mothers

Lives rich and fascinating sometimes missed

For tremoring bodies block the view.

Witnessing care and support

Sharing bonds created by shared experiences

Blessings for me.

Oh how you have touched my heart

Oh how you have made me laugh

And yes at times, weep.

As Bob Hope said, “thanks for the memories.”

Thanks to all for teaching me.

Thanks for forming me as a chaplain.

Thanks for sharing Holy stories, your hearts.

Some have gone, some have arrived, so too I

The air is cool this morning.

Seasons are changing.