List of papers written during MDiv studies 2013-current (unpublished)

Exegesis and Biblical Studies

  • What does it mean to put away your foreign gods? Gn 35:2-5 (2013)
  • The teraphim as evidence for Israel’s evolution to monotheism (2013)
  • Messianic (and alien?) images in 1 Enoch 48 (2014)
  • A woman’s great faith: messianic themes in Matthew 15:21-28 (2014)
  • Not on my soil: exegesis on Jonah 4:2 (2014)
  • A sincere vow? Exegesis on Jonah 2:10 (2014)
  • One more time: why is there a psalm in Jonah? (2014)
  • Hosea 3:1, a feminist point of view (2014)
  • Removing obstacles for our hearts: an exegetical analysis of Hosea 10:8 (2014)
  • Suffering and journey to understanding: Mark 8:31-33 (2014)
  • The reason love never ends: a reflection on 1 Corinthians 13:8 (2014)
  • Valuing Diversity in Others in the Reign of God: Reflections on Romans 14:17 (2015)

Theological and Ethical Studies

  • Authority of Scripture: is sola scriptura sufficient? (2013)
  • Fully human, fully divine, fully near (a paper on Christology 2013)
  • Brain Death versus Waiting for Life (2014)
  • Responsibilities of and to the stranger: considering refugees (2014)
  • The modern little tradition left hanging by Herzog’s Prophet and Teacher? (2014)
  • That which vanishes: gifts, being and others – an answer for seekers (2015)

Pastoral Care Studies

  • Caring for others with hope and love while living in liminal uncertainty: a pastoral theology of suffering (2015)
  • Pastoral Care Reflections Series (2015):
    • My theological understanding of humanity and approach to ministry
    • Reflection on relational power and learnings for my ministry
    • Resonance with The Intimate Stranger
  • An ever-growing theology of ministry (2015)
  • “My husband is going to die tomorrow,” an case study exercise in pastoral exegesis (2015)
  • Pastoral Care Death and Dying Reflections (2015):
    • The family muck that just never goes away
    • Identity defined by loss

Liturgical, Christian Education and Comparative Religion Studies

  • An exploration of the formative history of a particular congregation’s liturgical tradition (2014)
  • Recovering the “visual words” of sacraments (2014)
  • Worship Observation and Reflections: Saint Elias Orthodox Church (2014)
  • Practicing Testimony: a narrative pedagogy project with 4th and 5th graders at Saint John’s United Methodist Church, Austin, TX (2015)
  • How Christianity can learn from Native American dance traditions (2015)
  • Similarities and Differences between Buddhism and Judaism in the Concepts of Giving, Compassion and Helping (2015)


List of papers written during MPH studies 2008-2011 (unpublished).

WJ Manuel Organ Donation Talk June 2011

Opinion Editorial July 2009

A Practice-Based Culminating Experience: Writing a HRSA Grant Application with Texas Organ Sharing Alliance for Public Education Efforts to Increase Solid Organ Donation. (2011). Thesis included:

  • A literature review of 62 peer reviewed journal articles related to organ donation and family communication behavior, African Americans, Hispanics and/or religion,
  • HRSA grant narrative, federal application form and budget workbook with budget narrative, and
  • Evaluation of grant writing experience.

  • Discussion of Cost Effectiveness of Organ Donation and Initial Approach to Assess Cost Effectiveness of a Specific Intervention. (2011).
  • A Conceptual Framework Regarding Organ Donation Behaviors Amongst Hispanic Americans. (2011).
  • An Evaluation Proposal for The Living Donor Bank Program. (2010).
  • A Review of Behavioral Determinants of High School Students Signing Organ Donation Cards. (2009).
  • Conceptual Design of an Intervention to Increase High School Students Signing Organ Donation Cards (2009).
  • A Review of Ethical, Legal and Economic Issues with Organ Markets (2009).
  • A Review of Epidemiologic Evidence Regarding Impact of Presumed Consent Legislation on Organ Donation (2008).

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