Wendy J. Manuel is retired! AtWendy Manuel least for now. Wendy served as a hospice chaplain and a hospital chaplain. She completed her Master of Divinity at Austin Theological Presbyterian Seminary in 2016. Wendy was ordained in the tradition of the Christian Church Disciples of Christ in 2018. She became a Board Certification Chaplain in 2020.

Wendy is passionate about the horrible polarization in American culture, ending racism, civil discourse, loving our neighbors, care for the environment and mother earth, and organ donation.  She also completed a Master’s in Public Health at the University of Texas School of Public Health in 2011.

Wendy was raised in Kansas.  Her Bachelor’s degree in Communications & Political Science is from Kansas State University.  Prior to entering seminary, Wendy worked in hi-tech for over 20 years as a senior project manager at Dell and multiple management roles at Apple.  Wendy has lived in 5 states and in The Netherlands. She lives with her old dachshund, Moco.


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