Videos about the miracle of transplant

Meet an Organ Transplant Team.

A video by the Institute of Transplantation in Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK.

Nice video that illustrates the breadth of transplant teams, how much is involved and the hearts of the individuals that do this amazing work.  I loved seeing and listening to Richard Finney, a liver transplant recipient.  He is so healthy.  Having personally witnessed what it is like to die from liver failure, seeing Richard confirms that transplant is a wonderful transformation!

Meet the Transplant Team


I’m pleased to share this TEDx talk by Dr. Chris Barry:  Giving the Gift of Life through Organ Donation.  Some nice infographics and new phrases to encourage registration.  We don’t have to be so serious – “go green and recycle your organs!”


Fun video by a grateful recipient:  Jim.


Nice video on organ donation myths with Kelly Ripa and Dr. Besser:  Myths


Great discussion from Dr. Richard Besser on why Facebook action is so significant.


Do you get impatient waiting for the green light at a stoplight? How about waiting at a doctor’s appointment or for the weekend to come? Imagine waiting for your life.


Dr. Howard Koh, Assistant Secretary of Health, U.S. Health & Human Services on World Hepatitis Day.


This is a wonderful video that addresses many questions about organ donation. It comes from Donate Life Today, who serves Montana and Washington.


This video is a commercial from Done Vida California (it’s in Spanish) about whom are you leaving your organs to? You might be surprised.


There are many amazing stories in organ donation.  Transplant means that one family experiences a tragedy and another family experiences the gift of life.  There are tears on both sides.

Jason Ray was the mascot for UNC. Watch his inspirational story and then visit


I had the privilege of hearing Sonia Rodriguez, the wife of professional boxer Francisco “Paco” Rodriguez speak. I thought she was incredibly brave. This video is about his family’s decision to give hope and life to others by donating Paco’s organs and tissue in November 2009.


I like Steve’s story about the circle of life.  He illustrates that many people struggle with something their whole lives and what it is like to pray for a donor.


The Nicholas Effect is a relatively famous story.  His parents tell their story here.  Reg Green mentions 40,000 people waiting for donors, but today that number is well over 100,000.


5 thoughts on “Videos about the miracle of transplant

    • Hi Dr. Chris! Nice to see you found my blog. I liked your TEDx talk – nice approach and style. For example, loved it when you said that we don’t have to be so serious all the time, and that donation is a profoundly sacred act. I would appreciate to hear your opinion on certain items such as the most registered donors will never be in a position to donate given that less than 3% of hospital deaths are donor eligible, misunderstandings about brain death, and lack of enforcement of first person consent by OPOs. Would you be interested in being interviewed? Or writing a guest blog? Keep up the good work! Wendy

      • Thanks Wendy for watching and sharing my TEDx talk. I would love to write a guest blog addressing those three interesting and important items. I will carefully consider each one and get back to you soon! Best, ctb

  1. Hola! Gracias por esta información. Llevaba un rato buscando por laa red sobre este tema hasta ell momento
    en que he encontrado ttu página. Está realmenye bien el artículo.
    Prosigue así!

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