Organ Donor Advocates Blogs

This page is to help promote the blogs of donor advocates.  Donor advocates take on many forms…donors, families of donors, those waiting for transplant, those who have lost loved ones waiting for transplant.  These are great people and great stories.  I honor them.  If you know of a website or blog to list, please send it to me!

Jeff Knurek, an award winning toy and game inventor, consumer product developer, graphic artist, illustrator, cartoonist, and puzzle creator, who is also a kidney donor.

The William Rollings McMahon Story

Life of a Heart Transplant Recipient

Shannon and Jason

Kim Munoz

Katie Bigelow

Mary Ellen and Jack

Tony Kampmann

Amelia Isabel Hines

Holly Werlein

Tamme Ivens


Andrew Lee (Drew) Davis


Jason Turner

Leela Rottman

Charlie’s Road to a Transplant Kidney

My 2ndheartbeat

Take My Kidney Please


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