Poems in the Darkness


Moonlight illuminating window shapes on the floor

How I love the full moon lit courtyard

and the soft hoo of the great horned owl

the joyous chatter of the purple martins

the barn swallows who return each year

the whir of hummingbird wings and

the kildeer leading me away from the nest.

Bright red amaryllis and pecans I have yet to harvest.

A few of my favorite things I hope never to forget.


Once or twice our home was full.

All of Jim’s glock buddies in every room.

We had to buy an inflatable mattress.

We grilled steaks.

Family and friends after the funeral.

Oh yes, my birthday party.  I loved hearing laughter in different rooms.

I still hold the vision of a home full of people.

Of generations together and children running around.

Letting go of this is the real reason I cry.