debates & ORGAN-izing

Being a debater in high school and college shaped much of my life.  I am always eager to look at both sides of an issue, to challenge my own thinking and assumptions, to consider another point of view.

Which is why I support more public discussion on the opt-in / opt-out debate regarding the U.S. organ donation system.  I am for ANYTHING (except black market, illegal coercion) that helps increase availability of organs for transplant.

CALL TO ACTION.  You can help ORGAN-ize to save lives! . The transplant establishment is generally against “opt-out” but I would love to see that debate more openly conducted with more public input. How about you?  Would you donate to this Foundation to help promote the debate?

There are thousands of stories.  I have 249 members on my twitter Donate Life list.  Over the last several years I have tried to accumulate anyone who talks about transplant via Twitter.  If you start looking through all of these twitter handles you will find PEOPLE who are:

Not all of these folks agree on how to best promote organ donation.  But all agree that there is a very great need.  Take time to read some of their stories.  Follow #transplant and #donatelife.

More importantly:  Take time to register.  Take time to give.


2 thoughts on “debates & ORGAN-izing

  1. Hi Dr. Barry! Phenomenal blog post. Very well written – honest and makes the issues clear. I agree that a big part of the problem (right now) is that only 1% of deaths are organ donor possibilities. (See How likely is it that you could be a donor? Why does it matter? Also, LOVE the idea of “nudge” in driving discussion, behavior and culture change!

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