…on the edge of a maybe

Yesterday I was introduced to this beautiful poem/prayer written by Ted Loder.  The Spirituality & Practice website describes Rev. Loder as a retired Methodist minister who is “known for his artistic political activism and passion for social justice.”  You can read his blog here.   Other prayers and creeds by Ted Loder can be found here.

This prayer was read to a group by Rev. Dr. Ted Wardlaw. I was part of this group discovering whether or not we want to apply to Austin Seminary   Quite honestly, this poem/prayer touched my heart.


APTS – an oasis

O God of beginnings,

as your Spirit moved

over the face of the deep

on the first day of creation,

Move with us now

in our time of beginnings,

when the air is rain and snow-washed

and the world seems fresh and full of possibilities,

and we feel ready and full.

We tremble on the edge of a maybe,

a second time,

a new try,

a tentative start,

and the wonder of it lays its finger on our lips.

In silence, Lord,

we share now our eagerness

and our uneasiness

about this something different

we would be and do;

and we listen for your leading

to help us separate the light

from the darkness

in the change we seek to shape

and which is shaping us.


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