People believe this stuff?

I couldn’t sleep the other night and decided to cruise the gizillion channels on DirectTV to find a movie.  I landed on “Beyond Forgiveness“.  The description was about a Chicago cop working a museum heist that ends up taking him to Europe.  I like mysteries, so ok, I’m in.

I must be clueless because I had never heard of Thomas Ian Griffith before.  If I had, I think I would have known to pass this one by.  Maybe the year the movie came out, 1995, should have been a clue.

Half way through the movie you discover that the bad guys are really organ harvesters – killing Russians in Poland for their organs that they ship overseas.  Right.  I just can’t stand it!  Off goes the television.

Read a great synopsis of this ridiculous film by Monsterhunter here.  It is far more entertaining than the film.

Seriously.  This kind of stuff is what gives rise to the mythology of murder for organs to transplant?  

Another disappointment – John Rhys-Davies, whom I really enjoy watching act, is in this film.  Maybe he was down on his luck in 1995.


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